AMLO In America
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In my previous blog entry I wrote about Mexican President Calderon's visit to the U.S. (The Mexican President also spoke at Stanford's graduation). Calderon's opponent in the disputed 2006 election, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO) also visited California. ON June 12th, AMLO was in Los Angeles, speaking to about 500 "Mexican migrants resident in Los Angeles". The crowd greeted AMLO with shouts of "Â?Presidente, Presidente!" According to
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador indicated yesterday [June 12th] that, upon arriving to the presidency of Mexico in 2012, he will exhort the U.S. president, Barack Obama, to fulfill his promise of regularizing the migratory situation [amnesty for Mexican illegal aliens].[Pide AMLO a Obama Cumplir Promesa a Migrantes, Nora Alicia Estrada, June 13th, 2011]
So here is a Mexican politician, on U.S. soil, stirring up a crowd of Mexicans and calling for amnesty.
"I hope that Obama fulfills what he promised. And we are going to promote a foreign policy distinct from the current one, especially in the matter of Mexico-U.S. relations" he affirmed to Mexican migrants resident in Los Angeles.
"The two nations (Mexico and the U.S.) should have cooperation for development, not military cooperation. Not to resolve problems with walls, militarization with raids, with deportations or racial discrimination or violation of human rights."
In other words, AMLO doesn't want us to control our border or our own immigration policy, at least as far as Mexicans are concerned.
"It must be understood that a better migratory policy for the United States always depends upon the development of Mexico."
No it doesn't. Our migratory policy depends upon our own interests and our own sovereignty.

Notice that both Calderon and AMLO, despite their differences, have the same goals for U.S. immigration policy. Their only dispute is over who can do a better job of controlling U.S. immigration policy. Why do we allow this?

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