Jake Tapper Asks If "People In Ferguson" Would Like Trump's Speech—He Means RIOTERS In Ferguson, And No, But Who Cares?
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Below, Jake Tapper asks Donald Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller: "You think people in Ferguson, Missouri, would like that speech?”[CNN's Jake Tapper To Trump Speechwriter: "You Think People In Ferguson, MO Would Like That Speech?" Posted By Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics, July 21, 2016 ]

Well, if he means Asian storekeepers who are legal immigrants, possibly yes.

Example: the man being robbed by Michael Brown, here.

Or the owner of another store, which rioters mistook for that man's store.

The owners of two white businesses that weren't looted—because they had armed guards—would appreciate Trump's speech.

If he means the town's white mayor, possibly him, too, he might appreciate Trump's pro-law enforcement speech:

If he means local law enforcement, certainly they'd appreciate it.

As would members of the Missouri National Guard:

If he means these guys, no. But who cares? The don't vote Republican.

The point is that there aren't just "people" in Ferguson, there are different kinds of people. And no matter how much a Republican panders, he's not going to get any votes from the kind of people who riot.


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