Jackie Mason On Free Speech As A Minority Privilege: "If You Are A White Protestant American Gentile, You Can’t Say A Word"
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Jackie Mason, who is 84, is talking about freedom of speech. Apparently saying who has freedom of speech is "uncomfortably racist."

Anyhow, here's the important part:

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively obtained selections from Mason’s interview with radio host Aaron Klein, set to air Sunday, in which Mason agrees with Jerry Seinfeld about the “creepy” PC culture. He lamented how “before, you couldn’t pick on homosexuals because it was bad taste… now it’s exactly the opposite, homosexuals can attack you and abuse you.”
It’s the same deal with black people, Mason said, because “a black person can call you anything he wants” but not the other way around.
He declared, “There is only free speech now in this country for black people and homosexuals and any other minority… But if you are a white Protestant American gentile, you can’t say a word.”
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