It's the Turnout, Stupid! (2)
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Apparently nobody except we happy few at VDARE.COM wants to notice that GOP Presidential nominee John McCain easily carried the white a.k.a. American vote and would have won the presidency as recently as 1976, but for the racial shift driven by policy-induced immigration.

Last week, we also reported that Republican turnout was sharply down in this election.

Today, the Boston Globe confirms this: Voter turnout didn't set record: Democrats' passion wasn't matched by GOP, by Brian C. Mooney, November 14, 2008.

Turnout in last week's election increased from four years ago but fell far short of some forecasts largely because many Republican voters either stayed home or left blank the presidential section of their ballots.
[My emphasis]

Of course, this is hardly surprising given that McCain ran away from the issues that would have motivated his base.

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