It Happens Again: BLM Terrorists, Blocking Traffic In Texas, Pull Gun On White Male Upset They Blocked Road
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Daring to fail to provide the necessary obeisance to Black Lives Matter immediately makes one a “white supremacist.” In Texas, a state long believed to be home to the most American of Americans, Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists blocked a major road in Plano.

A white man got out of his car and demanded police do something to stop the lawlessness, and the police instead confronted him for his simple request they retain the monopoly on violence (instead of ceding it to the BLM terrorists).

Instead, the police officer provided shelter to the lawless BLM protesters, one of whom pulled a pistol on the white male upset at them for blocking the road.

Get the F**k Out of My Way!” – BLM Mob PULLS GUN on ANGRY TEXAS DRIVER After He Screams at Them for Shutting Down Traffic in Plano, Gateway Pundit, May 8, 2021

One man got out of his truck, confronted the mob and started screaming at them to get the h**l out of the road!

Here is the full video. Why are protesters allowed to shut down traffic in America? When did Democrats make this legal?

A white man expected the police to stop the lawless Black Lives Matter protest, which illegally blocked traffic. Instead, the police officer immediately stepped in to stop him, and he was cast the role of the villain.

We move closer and closer to the moment a Black Lives Matter terrorist protests ends by being confronted with a white individual no longer content to live on their knees as America is held hostage by the demands of a movement solely dedicated to promoting lawlessness and criminality above law and order.

It’s an inevitability at this point.

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