Israeli Immigration Policy
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Not only does Israel have a better grasp of deportation policy, (as mentioned by Patrick Cleburne below)and much better fences than the US does, they have better policies for dealing with legal immigrants. As I wrote in 2001:

Most nations have some kind of Department, Service, or Ministry of Immigration. Israel has something a little different. It has a Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. This suggests that Israel has a clearer view of the immigration problem than you find in North America.

Israel really is a "nation of immigrants." While Jews have lived in Israel for the last 3000 years, most of the residents have come since 1947. The Law of Return allows any Jew anywhere in the world to move to Israel, and Israel will be glad to help them move in.

But it insists that they assimilate.

Assisting in this assimilation process are the requirement that everyone learn the language, and serve in the Army.[PDF]

By the way, when I was mentioning the much better fences above, I thought of the Robert Frost's poem about "Good fences make good neighbors."

No amount of fencing is likely to make Arabs good neighbors, and once again, this may be a lesson for America.

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