Islam: Why the Crazy Headchop Fixation?
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Inquiring western minds want to know why Allahs thugs are stuck on removing the heads of infidels and anyone else they find disagreeable. The recent execution of American journalist James Foley by ISIS has been received by the US media with shock and horror, even though the jihadists have been on a terror march through the Middle East for months, leaving a mountain of corpses.

Below, James Foley is murdered by one of Allahs gangsters and left in pieces.

Have Americans forgotten the Islamic decapitation of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002? Many non-Muslims have met the same brutal fate in the intervening years. The ISIS bunch are particularly bloodthirsty, reveling in their crucifixions, mass murders and beheadings on the internet. (See my blog Islam: Headchopping for Beginners).

SunTVs Michael Coren discussed the beheading thing with guest Tarek Fatah. The short answer is that the practice is part of Muslim tradition: The prophets grandson was decapitated, as noted by Fatah. Headchop-focused mass slaughter is cultural among the tribe.

So Obamas reaction that the current murder did not represent the Religion of Peace is a false liberal denial about his favorite religion, remarking, No faith teaches people to massacre innocents.

Did the President not read the more than 100 Koran verses that call for Muslims to fight and kill all the non-believers?

Fatah believes that armed jihad must be denounced, not just the individual killings, but the whole edifice of mass murder for Allah. But jihad is basic to Islam and isnt going to disappear.

Coren is disturbed that there are no marches of Muslims saying not in our name to the horror but he is dreaming. Muslims residing in the West are content to enjoy the benefits of freedom without being responsible citizens and condemning their co-religionists mass murder and atrocities. Fatah says his Muslim friends are terrified to be associated with him because of his outspokenness against jihad. Typical.

Why do Canada and America continue to admit Muslims as immigrants when they are either hostile to the West or too cowardly to defend the values of freedom?

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