Islam in Britain Update from Coren and Spencer
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In the video below, Canadian journalist Michael Coren interviews creator Robert Spencer on the subject of hostile Muslim diversity in Britain. White Britons recently reacted in anger to a court case of middle-aged Muslim men grooming teenaged British girls for prostitution. Robert Spencer commented on Muslims’ belief that sex slavery is “perfectly permissible” under Islam because a little action on the side protects the family unit. Not only is sex slavery permissible but Muslims should encourage its practice. Muslims therefore may regard infidel women as objects to be so manipulated.

In another case of cultural devolution, David Jones, creator of the Fireman Sam kid show character, was taken into custody by a Muslim airport security agent for making the remark that he might not have had to be frisked if he had been covered up, like the previous passenger, a burqafied woman. Spencer remarked the incident as an example that offending a Muslim is now an arrestable offense in Britain.

The interview is an interesting conversation, but it would have been improved had the immigration cause been named.

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