I'm Not Making This NYT Headline Up: "America Is Safer Than It Used to Be. So Why Do We Still Have Calls for ‘Law and Order’?"
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From the New York Times Magazine:

America Is Safer Than It Used to Be. So Why Do We Still Have Calls for ‘Law and Order’?

First Words


By its own historical standards, America circa 2016 is a safe place. The country’s violent crime rate is about half of what it was in 1991.

I’m not making that headline up.

Over the last year, by the way, the New York Times has run 555 articles featuring the phrase “gun violence.”

Commenter Hepp explains:

I’ve seen liberals use this canard over and over again. Crime is down, why talk about crime?

Of course, they have no statistical perspective at all when the issue is police shootings. CNN parades out these blacks without any connection to reality talking about how they worry when their sons go out doors because the evil racist police may shoot them. Crime is certainly more common than police shootings.

And that’s putting aside the question of whether we should be happy because we’re below 1990s crack war levels. Compared to other civilized first world countries, American crime rate is through the roof. Liberals like to point that out when they talk about how we need gun control. But when someone focuses on the criminals themselves, all of a sudden it becomes “What are you even worrying about? Crime is down!”

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