Is Trump the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Journalists?
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From the New York Times opinion section:

It’s Possible No One Will Read This Column
Here are some of my most-ignored pieces this year.

By Nicholas Kristof
Opinion Columnist
Dec. 18, 2019

In short, Kristof’s least read columns are of the Whither Paraguay? genre where he flies off to some corner of the world to report on some humanitarian problem that isn’t Trump’s fault.

… I’m not allowed to give page-view numbers, which are proprietary, but suffice it to say that a typical Trump column doesn’t just do 20 percent better than a Venezuela column, but at least three or four times better.

(We have data only for page views for online articles. We really have no idea what is read in our print editions, and what lines bird cages.)

As I look through my list of clunkers, one lesson is clear: Trump sells, and international stories don’t, especially when they are about humanitarian issues and aren’t embarrassing to Trump.

In other iSteve news, Trump did something.

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