Is This the Most 2016ish Thing of 2016? (Mateen Didn't Want To Look Racist)
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Commenter Twinkie calls our attention to this characteristic anecdote from 2016, as recounted in the Washington Post article entitled “Inside the Hate-Filled Mind of a Mass Murderer:”

Carter, who was among several patrons Mateen held hostage after they’d tried to take refuge in a club bathroom, told a news conference Tuesday that Mateen asked if there were any African Americans in the bathroom. When one man answered yes, “the gunman responded back to him saying, ‘You know, I don’t have a problem with black people. This is about my country.* You guys have suffered enough.’”

Twinkie comments: “Oh, wow, even mass murdering fanatics/self-loathing homosexuals want to make sure they don’t come off as racists… in the middle of the rampage!”

By the way, you’ll notice that poor Latinos remain completely out of the running in the Oppressed Minority sweepstakes. Here’s Omar taking time out while slaughtering dozens of Latinos to express sympathy for the plight of African-Americans. As a New York Times subscriber, I blame straight white Christian men for Omar’s lack of awareness of how much Latinos have been discriminated against. (By the way, should I also subscribe to the Washington Post for the duration of the election campaign? I sense that the Post is ferociously dedicated to outdoing the Times in 2016 in generating iSteve-worthy content. On the the other hand, while I feel quite calm, I’m not sure if even my good-natured sanity could withstand five months of the WaPo’s mania.)

*As we all know, Omar Mateen was an AMERICAN CITIZEN, born right down the street from Donald Trump. Omar’s reference to Afghanistan as “my country” must have been due to evil Trump brainwaves from the future affecting him via a time portal.

Omar’s massacre couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the inherent tensions in our elites’ grand strategy of Invade the World & Invite the World, because Invade the World & Invite the World is not a thing. It’s just not. Why are you even thinking about it when you haven’t been told to think about it? Before answering, remember that anything you might say goes on your Permanent Record. So it’s probably best for all concerned if you just Shut Up.


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