Is The Headline “Ex-Dayton Priest Faces Prosecution” (Referring To A HINDU Priest) Anti-Catholic?
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Bill Donahue of the Catholic League included this in a media roundup of anti-Catholic bias

The Dayton Daily News headline reads, “Ex-Dayton Priest Faces Prosecution.” Well, not really: turns out that the “priest,” Annamalai Annamalai, is a “self-described Hindu high priest.” Readers were intentionally invited to believe he was a Catholic priest. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was more accurate: it called him a guru.

MEDIA BIAS NEVER STOPS, December 10, 2013 by

But it's not anti-Catholic bias, it's the "cover up immigrant/minority crime" directive, which is actually in the stylebook used by newspapers coast to coast.

The story Ex-Dayton priest faces prosecution, By Christian Boone, Dec. 7, 2013 originated on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where the same story is headed Guru of bankrupt Norcross Hindu temple facing federal fraud, conspiracy charges.

Previous AJC coverage of this guy uses the terms "Hindu", "Temple," and "Guru" pretty freely. 

But the point is that here are the headlines you won't see:

  • Immigrant Faces Prosecution
  • Foreigner Arrested
  • Hindu Charged

I did once see a headline that said "Black Charged With Fraud", but it was a white man named Conrad Black who was being railroaded

Which brings us back to anti-Catholicism. While the headline wasn't anti-Catholic here, the fact is that newspapers will say "Catholic" when  it's a Catholic priest  who is charged.

They're allowed to do that, because Catholic  priests are mostly white.


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