Is The Chief Diversity Officer Ready To Train Her Hispanic Replacement?
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There's a story in the Daily Iowan about the University of Iowa not automatically and publicly endorsing the DREAM Act.
UI Chief Diversity Officer Georgina Dodge said the Dream Act is "a no-brainer" but said the law wouldn't necessarily have huge a effect on the UI.

"It's important to keep in mind that the Dream Act is going to affect a handful of people," she said. "It's not as though lots of people are banging on the door to get into college."[UI administration mum on immigration bill, By Adam B Sullivan, December 06, 2010]

Georgina Dodge is an African-American with a Ph.D in English, [Resume (PDF)]who is the first ever Chief Diversity Officer at the U of Iowa—Iowa is a non-diverse state. Dr. Dodge's personal story  is a tremendous success story in education, compared to the average African-American. After leaving the US Navy, she earned a BA, an MA, and a Ph.D.

Now she's an officer of the University of Iowa. "Chief Diversity Officer" is nearly a reserved occupation for minorities—take a look at the Board of Directors [Photos]for the National Association Of Diversity Officers In Higher Education to see what I mean. The Board is very largely black, with Hispanics a close second, and regular whites way down there.(The kind of thing the EEOC would be looking into if went the other way.)

Here's the question Dr. Dodge should be asking herself—if the DREAM Act passes, will anyone want a Chief Diversity Officer who doesn't speak Spanish?

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