Is Ron Paul the Great Hope for the GOP?
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Ron Paul's web site has recently reported a substantial surge in donations. Some third party reports suggest that Paul is approaching $5 Million in cash on hand.

Paul is also leading by a key measure of internet activity.

Paul’s odds of actually getting the GOP nomination are between 1-3% according to the market at Intrade.Com.

Still, when every other GOP candidate with better odds of getting the nomination is supporting de facto expansion of immigration, this puts Paul in a unique position to leverage the frustration with immigration expansion.

I have my reservations about Paul. Many libertarians like Paul seem to assume their policies will not result in increased concentration of wealth-and they often don't seem to have a plan to handle the situation if that isn't he case. I suspect if Paul were to listen carefully to fellow libertarian Charles Murray, he'd have much better chance of winning in a national election.

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