Is Obama's India Enthusiasm Good For Americans?
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President Obama (plus cast of thousands)’s destination choice for post-election recuperation of India is revealing. How nice to be in arguably the most functional Brown country, away from all those unspeakable Whites!

Americans could learn a lot from studying the news of this visit, beyond the very salient issue raised today by Rob Sanchez of the concessions liable to be made to US-exploiting Indian business interests.

As Steve Sailer notes in America’s Half-Blood Prince, Obama has always liked the natives of the Subcontinent. He sort them out as college friends and his first independent overseas trip was to Pakistan in 1981, 7 years before he visited Kenya — see AHBP, Chapter 8. (Actually, he seems to have particularly liked Pakistani Muslims, which his Hindu hosts this weekend will doubtless politely ignore.)

The cause of this is plain: while authentically not white, India and Pakistan can supply plenty of people of comparable intellectual stature to the President — unlike African Americans.

So Obama has felt comfortable making blatantly racial electoral appeals to Indian Immigrants as I noted in Obama: ”I’m a Desi”. But are ”Desis” American? And the Indian media has run many articles gloating about the number of hirings of Indians in the Obama Administration — for instance Desis in DC Chidanand Rajghatta The Times of India Dec 19, 2009:

There was a remarkable moment during the recent Obama-Singh meeting in Washington that was barely captured by the cameras. As the two leaders met for their one-on-one, Singh's principal assistant and note-taker was his private secretary Jaideep Sarkar, a young gun of the Indian Foreign Service. No surprise there. And aiding Obama? Anish Goel, a senior staffer of the National Security Council and a rising star of the US foreign service. Similarly, when the US side engaged New Delhi on Af-Pak issues, the Indians found, much to their surprise, that the Senior Defense Advisor to Richard Holbrooke, the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan was Vikram Singh.
This is not a development white Americans necessarily should welcome. Indians may be pleasantly unlikely to murder or drive drunk, but they do bring a pronounced culture of corruption and ethnocentric nepotism. There is already evidence that sectors of economic activity are being colonized, not always honestly.

But they are the right color, so that’s alright.

Isn't it?

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