Is Andy Vidak´s District Really Majority Hispanic?
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For the past few days, we've been trying to see what we can learn from the victory of Andy Vidak in a special election for the California State Senate. Republican Vidak defeated a Hispanic Democrat in the 16th District,said district reported to be 60% Hispanic. (See here, here and here).

Well, a helpful reader has informed me that the 16th District was redistricted and is now actually 52% white. According to Wikipedia (see here) the district is 52.04% white and 35.72% Latino. The reader informs me that the old 16th district (before redistricting) was 22% white and 63% Latino.

True, in California having white voters doesn't necessarily mean a Republican victory. Nevertheless, the district's registration breakdown is 45.91% Republican, 29.75% Democrat and 19.10% No Party Preference.

Vidak is slated to take office on August 10th.


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