Is a Sick Hillary Worse than Crooked?
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Ed Klein has been writing about the Clinton crime family for years, and his most recent book, Guilty as Sin includes a whole chapter about one of Hillary’s major problems — her health, or lack of it.

Below, Ed Klein discussed Hillary’s health shortly after she collapsed on camera when she left a 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Klein remarked during the interview:

“This collapse that we saw the other day really had virtually nothing to do with her having pneumonia; this is much deeper than pneumonia. . . a friend who said she’s not steady on her feet, she frequently gets dizzy at home even when she climbs stairs — this is a friend who speaks to her — she has her legs elevated when she’s at home because of her circulation problems, Huma Abedin brings her cold water soaked towels to put on her her neck and her forehead, and Bill has been beside himself, begging her to get a real checkup. . . he begged her not to go [to the 9/11 memorial]. He said I’ll go in your place and she refused to do it. And then when she came home, he was absolutely furious at her for having gone and then collapsed and did exactly what he was afraid was going to happen which would collapse and public but she’s been doing it in private. . .

Even her friends don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her, but what they do know is that she faints frequently, not just once in a while. It could be circulation, it could be neurological. They don’t know but they do know that there’s something very seriously wrong with this woman.”

So many things can go wrong with a physically weak President that it’s hard to know where to start.

However, we already know from Wikileaks that Hillary depends on her staff for a lot, such as writing her “personal” tweets.

Even more telling were the observations of Clinton Cash author Peter Schweitzer, who appeared on Fox News Monday and noted about recent Wikileaks reports:

“That’s one of the stunning things that comes out in this. These are emails that are her senior staff and there are so many times when you know she is supposed to meet with somebody or talk with somebody, and Hillary simply says, well tell me when to call them and what to say. A lot of decisions are made without her input and it just shows that this is a very staff-driven organization. This is not somebody who is in a sense calling the shots. She’s relying on her staff what to say, when to say it and to set her policy.”
Hillary’s closest aide is Huma Abedin (pictured below), the daughter of an influential Muslim Brotherhood family.

In 2012, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy appeared at the National Press Club and gave an hour-long presentation about the national security threat of Islamist infiltration into the highest levels of our government, where Huma Abedin was a major subject.

How much power would Huma and the jihadist Brotherhood have in a Clinton White House? In a “staff-driven organization,” probably way too much.

Obama’s tilt toward Islam could morph into a cliff with Hillary, since jihadists tend to vote Democrat and she has already announced her intention to pack a million muslim immigrants into her big anti-American strategy.

Here’s more from Ed Klein about Hillary’s health:

Guarding Hillary’s health, By Edward Klein, Washington Times, October 16, 2016

How Hillary’s health problems make her unfit for the presidency


Among all the recent WikiLeaks email dumps, perhaps the most important one of all has been overlooked by the mainstream media.

In it, Neera Tanden, Hillary Clinton’s longtime political guru, warned campaign manager John Podesta not to raise the question of primary opponent Bernie Sanders’ health because it would draw unwanted attention to the hidden truth about Hillary’s health.

“Hard to think of anything more counter-productive than demanding Bernie’s medical records,” Mr. Tanden emailed Mr. Podesta, according to an email obtained by WikiLeaks from Mr. Podesta’s personal inbox.

Until the publication of my new book, “Guilty As Sin,” the truth about Hillary’s health has been her campaign’s closest guarded secret.

Her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, has said that Hillary is fit as a fiddle, but according to my sources in the White House, that is not what President Obama and his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, believe.

Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett have been so worried about Hillary’s health that they recently offered to arrange a secret medical checkup for her at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Hillary declined their offer because she feared a leak to the media would prove fatal to her presidential campaign. Instead, she has been secretly visiting the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she arrives through a private entrance out of public sight and where she can rely on her doctors not to speak to the media.

Sources close to Hillary tell me that her doctors have discovered she suffers from arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat) and a leaking heart valve. They have recommended that she consider having valve replacement surgery, but Hillary has refused because she does not want to risk the negative political fallout from stories about such a serious operation.

In addition to the arrhythmia and leaking heart valve, Hillary suffers from chronic low blood pressure, insufficient blood flow, a tendency to form life-threatening blood clots, and troubling side effects from her medications.

Her doctors have prescribed Coumadin, a blood thinner, and a beta blocker to treat her condition. However, these medications make her drowsy and tired, lower her blood pressure, and have led to frequent bouts of light-headedness and fainting spells.

Hillary has suffered at least five fainting spells that the public is aware of, including the most recent one at the 15th anniversary memorial service of 9/11.

In addition, there have been many other incidents of fainting that have been hidden from the public.

For example, after her 11-hour testimony before the Trey Gowdy Benghazi committee, Hillary swooned as she walked to her waiting Secret Service SUV and had to be carried into the back seat by her aides.

Among Hillary’s friends, it is common knowledge that she suffers from tension headaches, sits with her feet elevated, nods off to sleep while studying her speeches, gets dizzy and has frequently stumbled and fallen at her home in Chappaqua. She asks her closest aide, Huma Abedin, to rub her shoulders and bring her cold compresses for her neck and forehead.

“Huma always kneels down, whispers to her, rubs her shoulders, and comforts her,” said one ofHillary’s closest friends. “Huma seems genuinely alarmed at her condition, and looks agonized as well.

“Hillary also has a masseuse on call to work on her legs, which give her almost constant pain,” this friend continued. “It reminds me of what I read about Jack Kennedy’s constant back problems and how they were always hidden from the public.

“Hillary’s campaign people are well aware of her problem and are doing everything possible to make her schedule as easy as possible, but it’s hard to run for president and not work hard and spend a lot of time on your feet and constantly get photographed.

“Hillary believes that for the most part the press has been very considerate, withholding the worst pictures of her, particularly the ones of her looking like she is in agony, or worse, simply confused. I’m convinced that if it was up to Bill, he would have shut down the campaign a long time ago. But Hillary would rather die than do that. I think it is fair to say that the biggest issue behind the scenes with the campaign is Hillary’s health.”

The presidency is the most stressful job in the world, and the physical condition of those who aspire to the office is of vital importance.

So the question arises: Do Hillary’s health problems make her unfit to be president?

Only an independent panel of doctors, who examine her and are given access to all of her medical records, can answer that question.

Edward Klein is the author of “Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation” (Regnery, 2016).

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