Is 2019's Hijab Fetish Related to the War on Becky with the Good Hair?
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I’ve been pointing out for a couple of years the growth in American culture of a Hijab Fetish. The prestige press increasingly loves to run pictures of pretty girls in Muslim headgear.

Obviously, politics is a major driving force.

Another possibility is that the recent Orientalist fad is just a cycle in fashion. Different looks go in and out of appeal: e.g., straight or curly hair, tanned or untanned skin, etc. Sometimes they get stuck for generations, like the insane Chinese footbinding fetish. So, compared to that the great wheel of fashion in the West seems sensible.

A third factor might be tied in to all the Becky Bashing, the War on Becky with the Good Hair. Black women increasingly hold the whip hand in the media. They usually seem to have the most Intersectional PoCemon Points. A very high priority for black women is intrasexual competition from women from races with longer hair. So why not make it fashionable to cover your hair, leveling the playing field?

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