Irving Texas Succeeds In Deporting Illegals, Complaints Heard
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Iconoculture, the marketing website which keeps highlighting weird Hispanic cultural problems, has actually highlighted a normal American success story in Irving, Texas. Of course, from the point of view of illegal aliens, this success, in arresting and deporting illegals,  is a cultural  problem. The Iconoculture item is called A Texas city gets strict, becomes divided on undocumented immigration.

Let's make it clear that "divided" means divided between loyal and disloyal Americans, and it also means divided between those who profit from illegal immigration, and those who pay the bill.

Here's what the Economic Persons at Iconoculture have to say:

  • Like many communities, Irving, TX, has seen an increase in undocumented immigrants. A local law passed in 2007, allowing police to conduct immigration checks on everyone they arrest, is dividing the community, pitting Latinos and retail businesses on one side, advocates of strict immigration enforcement on the other, and the mayor in the middle.
  • The Dallas suburb enacted the policy to get rid of dangerous criminals who are in the country illegally.
  • But many of the 4,000 Irving residents who have been referred to the federal authorities are facing potential deportation due to minor offenses like driving without a license ( 4.4.09).

The bad thing about Iconoculture (aside from their attitude, is that they don't provide either a link or a citation for their reference—I'll have to do it: Texas Mayor Caught in Deportation Furor ,By Randy Kennedy, New York Times, April 4, 2009.

And driving without a license isn't a minor offence when an American does it. They put people in jail for that. You are statistically more likely to be killed by a Mexican with no driver's license than you are by a terrorist.

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