Irish Eyes Not Smiling
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Hat tip, The Irish Savant, for bad news: The net closes in Friday January 16 2009

Migration Watch Ireland has had it's site taken down after being referred to the police. Quoting "It seems they fell foul of the Nigerian Candidate, one Frances Soney-Ituen, who is standing in the Locals in Athy, Co Kildare next June and who complained to the local Leinster Leader… When this Site didn’t come up with an answer to their liking quick enough it looks like somebody called in the Garda Internet Unit."

"Migration Watch have now issued the following statement part of which reads as follows:”This afternoon we were contacted by official authorities and asked to provide a full explanation of our website and names and addresses of Migration Watch staff, and the details of our suppliers of information and posters. We were also asked to remove the links to our Election Watch section.We have since refused the request, and disposed of such information."

The Irish Savant goes on:

Well, well, well. A Nigerian cultural enricher, who got in here - I'd love to know how - doesn't like the approach to freedom of speech in her new country, so uses the police, who'd otherwise be engaged chasing down Nigerian drug dealers, to close down an Irish site to which she takes exception.

I'm waiting for the midnight knock myself.

Migration Watch Ireland ( has indeed shut down and apparently may have been intimidated into doing so. The site continued its Migration Watch Ireland quote:

'It is with great shame, Because of this we have decided to cease the Migration Watch website.’

And concluded

This is a bad day for freedom of expression on the Internet in our Country. If people seriously want their own viewpoint to be free from censorship in this Country, then they should learn to respect the Right of others to disagree with them also.

Migration Watch today — tomorrow?

Migration Watch Ireland is still partially available in Cyberspace — for instance here. While its coverage is certainly somewhat more incisive than its’ name sake the herbivorous and wonkish Migration Watch UK mainly it merely picked up inconvenient MSM stories. See also Migration Watch website shuts down after Leinster Leader story by Lisa Deeney Leinster Leader January 15 2009 for a description.

The Irish Republic was until very recently an extremely distinct and homogenous society with a long history of struggling for independence. Suddenly it is being flooded by considerable quantities of immigrants, some extremely alien. The cause is the country’s inability to control its borders, a trade-off with membership of the European Union which has made its elite extremely prosperous. The paradigm, you might say.

I have been looking for an alert National Question Irish website since Hibernia Girl sadly closed down, The Irish Savant will be a welcome addition to our blog role. See this on The War against Christmas and this on the Tinker/Gypsy/Roma plague.

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