Ireland's PISA Disaster: The Usual Suspects, Of Course
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The PISA survey’s results for Ireland have been considered by The Irish Savant: And the answer is............... Sunday, 30 January ( note: stupid Blogger censorship effort can be safely ignored.)

For a country that prides itself on having one of the best educated workforces in the world, you’d imagine that the latest PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) literacy ranking would have prompted a national outcry. You see Ireland’s decline of 12 places in literacy, from 5 to 17, was the worst decline of any nation. In maths we dropped ten places, the second worst performance.

Quite reasonably The Irish Savant points out

Three and a half years ago, in this post, I forecast exactly what would happen. Entitled ”Ireland’s education meltdown’, I made what to me was the blindingly obvious point that if you allow, nay, encourage, hundreds of thousands of immigrants who can barely speak English, you’ll have trouble educating their children. How can you teach in a school where 20 different languages are in use, as is the case in many schools today? I don't care how many support or remedial teachers you have, standards will plummet.
But language is only the start of it. We have vast numbers of Muslim and African cultural enrichers who bring their own set of problems. The former because they'll emphasise religious mumbo jumbo and learning by rote, the latter, low academic achievement due to low IQ and an inability for abstract thought. The same as everywhere else.

and further predicts

And soon, just like in the USA, we’ll be wrestling with the ”educational achievement gap’. A.k.a. ”can we find some other explanation for poor black performance other than the self-evident one that they’re thick?’

Of course The Irish Savant is quite correct and it is gloomy reading for anyone who has to deal with the 3rd-world-swamped portions of the US education Collective Farm.

But remember this is Ireland, until very recently one of the most homogenous counties in Europe with no modern tradition of immigration. As I asked in 2008:

What was the point of the long Irish struggle for independence, if the country is to be swamped?


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