Investor Program Just For Obtaining Escape Passports
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The open fraud of the EB-5 Investor Visa program is becoming more obvious and the fraud more blatant as Chinese nationals who fear the coming collapse of China and the inevitable implosion of the Chinese Communist Party in an orgy of a bloodletting purge seek out a bolt hole by purchasing residency and eventually American citizenship.  America is the first refuge for these scoundrels and all they need to purchase safety is a cool $500k.  And yearning to be free and become Americans is not their intent, but to survive and remain Chinese.

WSJ/FoxDFW May 11, 2012 by Jason Chow and Angus Loten

More Wealthy Chinese Prepare Exits

Some immigration lawyers have seen a new increase in the number of Chinese seeking foreign citizenship, a trend they suggest is tied to worries about political turmoil and economic slowdown in China, especially among businesspeople and politicians seeking to protect their families and wealth.

"There's definitely a surge in China for what I call 'let-me-out-now' product," according to Jean-Francois Harvey, an immigration lawyer based in Hong Kong who deals with clients throughout Asia.

The recent interest builds on a trend of growth in applications from Chinese seeking to emigrate to places like the US, Canada and the UK in recent years, including to programs that promise citizenship in exchange for investments.  In the US, 75 percent of investor-immigrant applicants were from China in fiscal 2011.

The rush to apply to the US investor immigration program, known as the EB5 visa, is also partly prompted by Washington politics. The plan has to be reauthorized by Congress in September for it to continue, but applications filed before that date will still be considered. Last time the program was up for review, in 2009, there was a big spike in applications.

Under the program, applicants and their immediate families receive permanent US residency if an investment of at least $1 million in the US leads to 10 full-time jobs within two years. The requirement is only $500,000 if the US jobs created are in a rural or high-unemployment area.

There is little information on the identities and actual numbers of Chinese seeking to leave, but participants in the industry that has grown up around such requests say they have seen increased activity in the weeks since the Communist Party's ouster of senior party official Bo Xilai, which adds to a general feeling of uncertainty ahead of a once-a-decade leadership transition in the fall. 

All America is to them is a temporary refugee during internecine struggles, purges, and obtaining a passport of convenience.  Like the so-called Vietnamese refugees who are flooding back to Vietnam and forever remain Vietnamese, never becoming American, these Chinese purchasing residency and citizenship are contributing nothing, as no one is verifying any of the jobs that are supposedly created.  Most EB-5 visas are obtained by fraud and never involve an alien investing and creating jobs with a good business idea, but serve as nothing more than pass-through investors who run from any investment after they obtain their green cards.

Fox News December 6, 2011 by Bob Dane

Is Our Government Authorizing Shady Middlemen to Sell Green Cards?

The con man has an offer too good to resist. He, along with hundreds of others can be authorized by the federal government to manage investment money and sell green cards to foreign investors under a federal program known as the EB-5 Investor Visa. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing this week on the program but the title “Reauthorizing the EB-5 Regional Center Program: Promoting Job Creation and Economic Development in American Communities” is troubling.  It indicates the Committee may simply rubber-stamp continuation of the program instead of subjecting it to a long overdue, thorough and transparent investigation of the program.

EB-5 was put into place in 1992 to spur job growth by offering green cards to foreigners in exchange for an investment of $500,000 to $1 million. Each investment is supposed to create 10 jobs. 10,000 green cards are allotted for this purpose each year.

The United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) has authorized 204 EB-5 regional centers, each officially defined as “any economic entity, public or private, which is involved with the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment.” The centers serve as middlemen to initiate the process of reaching out to foreign investors and matching their investments with local projects...

While some of the EB-5 regional centers are large and appear to be engaged in legitimate investments, upon close examination of the entire list, almost a third of the centers appear to be dubious, one-person shops with “CEOs” who have generic e-mails ending in “gmail,” “hotmail” or “yahoo.”

At least 43 centers do not even have a website, 11 have no contact information, and of those regional center websites that are active, many are either barely legible or not written in English. Interestingly, some of the regional centers are actually immigration attorney websites.

The EB-5 program is nothing more than selling passports to enemy aliens.  And electing a new people. 


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