Intellectual Dishonesty from Ruben Navarrette
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Predictably, open-borders advocate Ruben Navarrette has rushed to propagandize for the new White House Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration measure. The notable thing about Commentary: Immigration plan unites far right and far left which was helpfully show cased on CNN (Posted 9:50 EDT April 9 2006) is the brazen use of a subterfuge. As I noted last week, the crucial aspect of the White House ploy is the invention of Z visas, which give perpetual amnesty to resident illegals for $3,500 every three years. This makes all discussions of the Green Card mechanisms irrelevant. Somehow Navarrette overlooks this.

He does declare himself in favor of continued low skilled immigration

emphasis should go to employment needs and not to personal factors such as education, training or other skills. Getting into the United States should not be like getting into Harvard. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand the first thing about this country or the enormous contributions that have been made over the generations by low-skilled immigrants from all over the world who didn't have so much as a high school diploma.

Navarrette holds two degrees from Harvard – apparently the Treason Lobby picked him out early for grooming. No doubt that is where he was taught to ignore inconvenient facts.

Complain to Navarrette.

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