Innumeracy Surfaces, in Spades
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It's pretty stunning that a major Presidential candidate can think that welcoming an entire country to immigrate is acceptable public policy: Romney Supports Letting All Cubans Migrate To U.S., Tampa Tribune, November 27, 2007.
Like other Republican presidential contenders, Mitt Romney favors a get-tough policy on illegal immigrants. But Romney's desire for tougher immigration enforcement doesn't apply to Cubans, who he says should be welcomed with open arms.

"I can tell you my inclination would be to say as many Cubans as want to come here should come in," Romney said in an interview Tuesday with The Tampa Tribune editorial board. [...]

Romney replied that Cuban Americans are exemplary citizens who have brought "great vitality, skills and energy to the American experience."

"In my opinion, the more the merrier," he said.

We are already facing severe water shortages in the South and Southwest, and additional demand is not a good idea.

Not to mention the problems of non-assimilation, worsening "bilingual" infestation, healthcare costs for illegals, hostile invaders (Muslim and reconquista), increased crime, creeping statism and pavement everywhere.

Yet a would-be President says welcoming more than 10 million Spanish-speaking Communists to an already overburdened Florida is a swell idea.

Interestingly, Lou Dobbs piped up with a simlarly innumerate remark the other day when the Census released record high immigration figures (Nov 29 transcript):

DOBBS: Well I have to say that what I resent here on the part of the Census Bureau and the center is this conflation again of immigrants and illegal immigrants. Frankly, as we bring in people lawfully into this country, as a matter of public policy, I don't think any of us should care one way or the other about their education level, any of that, or the number of programs, social programs that are being employed.
Too many legal immigrants cause nearly all of the problems encountered with the unlawful kind. Would Dobbs agree with the Senate's 2006 strategy of throwing open the doors to 100 million over 20 years? He should know better than to welcome millions legally. So should Romney.
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