Indianapolis FedEx Shooting Isn't About Gun Control OR Racism, It's About Letting Crazy People Get Away With Murder
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The shooter in Indianapolis, Brandon Hole, turns out to be a white guy, and suicidal as well as homicidal. (Black mass shootings, of which there are many, have a lower death rate, because the shooters are trying to get away with murder.)

And speaking of getting away with murder, the custom of letting people judged insane get away with murder is one that needs to be abolished.

I tweeted this:

Since this murder was committed with a rifle, I Tweeted

And if "gun control" is your solution to crimes like this this, remember it's already illegal for crazy people to have rifles...which are almost never used in crimes.

I linked to a post I made titled Rifle Murders Are So Rare, Florida Radiologist Had Only Ever Seen One Previous Case in which I noted an Atlantic article by Florida Radiologist Heather Sher, who had seen thousands of Florida gunshot wounds before the Parkland shooting, but had only seen one previous case of someone shot by a rifle.

See that flattish orange line at the bottom? Rifle homicides:

From The Trace, via The Truth About Guns.

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