Indian Health Care And Internet Censorship
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This is from conservative humor site IMAO, a profile of one of their commenters:
What's your favorite political issue? Socialized medicine. Oh boy. We have that already people, it's called MEDICAID. Talk to your local medical providers and ERs about how well that works for us. There's another program out there even more socialized (and worse) and that's called IHS. [Indian Health Service, for American Indians and Alaska Natives]I once had to go into the ER to see an IHS patient because they didn't have a thermometer at home, literally that was the reason for their visit. That's great health care delivery there. People that read this mostly know but the Dems need to pull their heads out: medicine is not free. Gas is not free. Electricity is not free. Somewhere along the line people really got it in their heads that medicine shouldn't cost anything. What? My favorite is the young, able, MEDICAID smoker that has a cell phone more expensive than mine. Now that makes for a tough visit to cope with. I could go on and on, but I will shut up like I must before I get in trouble.IMAO: Ronin Profile: Bob the Doc
But then there's this:
How long have you been reading IMAO? About 3-4 years ago my wife said to me: "Honey, there's this website you should look at..." The rest is history, it seems to be one of the few sites not blocked by the filters at most worksites, so you win by default and I read every day I am at work and most days not.
Check out my Fulford File, Censored by Corporate Software for ways around this problem, and remember to write us if you see blocked by a filter, if possible with the name of the filtering company.
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