A Reader Supports Indian Rent—Seeking; James Fulford Replies
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From:  Julio Escobar [email him]

Re: Some Are Indeed More Equal Than Others, by James Fulford

You don't just get it, do you? This concept of equality is something that white people invented (but hardly follow), and then blacks jumped on the bandwagon.

The American Indian rejected all those false idealisms from day one. White people and their government certainly had no desire to include the American Indian. So whatever American Indians have now is a result of their resistance to white people and what they negotiated.

Let me tell you, there is no better way to earn one's place in the world than to fight for it. American Indians certainly fought for the little they have.

White people like yourself should rather spend your time enjoying what you have, which is a lot. What you left the American Indian is a small part of what they once had.

Go and bicker about equality with your black neighbors, and sing rap together.

James Fulford replies: I'm not a big fan of rap music.


  • American Indians did not get on reservations by fighting, but by losing. Federal funds for Indians far surpass treaty obligations ("what they negotiated for").
  • The concept of racial equality may have been invented by white people, but in its earlier form of "fairness" or "justice"  or "merit" it is surely universal.
  • There is a "better way to earn one's place in the world" than to fight for it. It's called working for a living.
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