Incisive Israeli Comment On Tel Aviv Riot Marred By Slur On Norwegians
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Tel Aviv

                    Tel Aviv Residents celebrating Diversity

Broadly speaking, the US MSM blackout of the news of last Wednesday's anti-African immigrant race riot in Tel Aviv which Peter Brimelow noted on Thursday morning has continued – even the Drudge Report, normally so interested in Israel, has not mentioned it ( apparently I spoke too soon).

An unusual exception is A night that put Israel to shame By Frida Ghitis Mon May 28, 2012. This is a hunk of conventional open-borders dogmatism, inevitably ending

…it's a good time for Israelis of all stripes to look at their own history and send a strong message to politicians who seem to have forgotten not only the country's claim to high ethical standards, but an admonition from an ancient text, from Exodus, recently cited by a hospital manager writing about the serious medical needs of African migrants.

"Do not oppress the stranger among us. You know how it feels to be strangers, for you, too, were strangers in Egypt."

(This wretched quote could arguably have done more damage to functioning countries than the Statue of Liberty’s.)

In Israel, however a gigantic opinion brawl has broken out. I thought Don't blame Tel Avivians Sima Kadmon Ynetnews 05.27.12 insightful

First, let's try to leave behind the hypocrisy and bleeding heart tendencies…the noble and refined feelings one feels when sitting at the comfort of his northern Tel Aviv home and watching on television…
She suggests residents of these wealthy areas
…will fight for the status of refugees to the last drop of blood of southern Tel Aviv residents
Kadmon has grasped that the burden of accommodating these economically incompetent arrivals is falling on the Israel working class, and the resistance to dealing with the problem comes from the unaffected economic and social elite – just as in America.

She also does not flinch from the significance of the problem

Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, will soon become the second Sudanese city
Unfortunately at this point her nerve fails and she concludes
And as to those who accuse south Tel Aviv residents of racism: Even if 200,000 jobless Norwegians would have arrived here and settled at city centers under difficult living conditions, the situation would not be any different.
This of course is absurd, recalling the silly remarks equating Zulu immigrants with Britons by various Neocons some years ago.

However it is a misjudgment reality will correct.

Unfortunately, I still think the Israeli solution to their refugee problem will be to send them here.

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