Emma Lazarus - Immigration Restrictionist!
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We at VDARE.com have always resented the hi-jacking of the Statue of Liberty as an open borders symbol, just because Emma Lazurus' piece of doggerel was subsequently attached to it. Furthermore, contrary to the beliefs of many in the Open Borders crowd, the poem is not part of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution - or at least it hasn't been prior to Commissar Kagan getting to impose her prejudices on those documents.

But The Kvetcher blog, endlessly searching for ways to further charm the wider Jewish community, has come up with a new perspective:

I recently read "Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews"
I wanted to share something from the book about a woman often referenced by the open borders movement, Emma Lazarus, the Jewish author of The New Colossus.
Lazarus might have had compassion for "the wretched refuse" but she didn't extend it to the Eastern European Orthodox. Rather, according to Lindemann,
She suggested that another place, not America, should be found for that unappealing "mass of semi-Orientals, Kabbalists, and Hassidim." (p.377)
Can you imagine such prejudice today, when they are doing so well?

Too wretched even for Emma Lazarus June 4, 2010

Emma Lazarus, meet Elena Kagan.

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