In Topeka, Illegal Aliens March to Harass Kris Kobach
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Kris Kobach, currently Kansas Secretary of State, has been a key player in the battle against the illegal invasion in several states. In today's America, that makes him a target, so a group of illegal alien agitators marched to confront Kobach in the Kansas capital of Topeka. According to the AP,

About 50 college students who are in the U.S. illegally marched Tuesday on Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office urging him to stop working on immigration laws and to do his state job.

So, do illegal aliens really "live in the shadows" when they are able to attend college and openly march for their cause? in Mexico, even legal non-citizens are not allowed to participate in protest marches.

The students from Kansas and Arizona delivered a letter to a staff member, who said Kobach was in his office but unable to meet with the students. The letter calls for Kobach to stop working on immigration laws and focus on his duties as secretary of state or resign for [sic] office.

"I'm still standing and fighting to have the American dream," said Ernesto de la Rosa, a 24-year-old Dodge City student who attends Wichita State University. "We need a path to citizenship."

The students are members of the DREAM Act Coalition. The DREAM Act would create a citizenship path for residents who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Kobach is a Republican and former law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has helped shape immigration policies around the country and continues to litigate immigration issues in other states while serving in his Kansas position.

I love what Kobach had to say to the Associated Press:

"The audacity of these illegal aliens is amazing. First they demand that we not enforce the laws against them. And now they demand that a public official who believes in the rule of law should step down...Illegal means illegal, and that's a very simple concept to understand and yet they want me to ignore the fact that the law has meaning in Kansas."

College students protest Kobach on immigration John Milburn, Associated Press, Nov. 20th, 2012

Why don't we have folks like Kobach running the Republican Party?

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