In The Local Chinese Press They Call Her “The Butcher”–Because They Aren’t Worried About Racism Claims
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Manling Tsang WilliamsManling Tsang Williams is a Chinese woman, possibly born in America, who murdered her husband with a sword and their two children by smothering them. (Details here.)A local blogger at writes

Butcher of husband and killer of her own children now faces death penalty hearing

By Frank Girardot on November 4, 2010 4:57 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) |

In the local Chinese press they refer to Manling Tsang Williams as “the Butcher.” For good reason. She slaughtered her husband Neal with a Kitana [sic] martial arts sword and smothered her innocent children in August 2007.

On Thursday, more than three years after she committed the brutal and senseless murders, a jury found her guilty on all counts. Manling now faces the death penalty.

Here’s Dan Tedford’s story.

While the local Chinese press may call her “The Butcher”, I haven’t seen much about this in the national press.

They don’t seem to be promoting it the way they did the Susan Smith and Andrea Yates stories.

We refer to this as “familicide” and our theory is that it’s sometimes related to the “stress” incurred by aliens living in America. It’s not only our theory–it’s also used by immigrant enthusiasts, psychologists, and defense lawyers.

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