In Peoria, Some People Did Something, Gun Violence Broke Out (13 Shot, No Deaths)
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Dispute between groups of people, 13 people shot at Peoria Riverfront
All victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

by: Brittni Clemons

Posted: Jul 19, 2020 / 08:17 AM CDT / Updated: Jul 19, 2020 / 11:55 AM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — (Update 10:50 a.m.) Peoria Police confirmed Sunday morning’s shooting was the result of a dispute between groups of people.

Spokeswoman Amy Dotson said there were multiple shooters, but they do not have a suspect.

An enigma …

Anyway, a lot of people are getting enthusiastic about dividing the country up into two parts. But nobody seems to have come up with any kind of map. One obvious problem is that both Blue American and Red America would like to draw the map to hand the USA’s big Hot Potato—poor blacks—to the other side. Peoria would seem like it would naturally fit in Red America and Chicago in Blue America, but Peoria is 27% black and Chicago is 30% black.

Many such conundrums …

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