In Memoriam: M Stanton Evans, 1934-2015
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M. Stanton Evans is shown speaking at  a Young America's Foundation event long after he was young himself. In 1960, when he was 26, he wrote the "Sharon Statement", the organization's founding document.

M. Stanton Evans, a great conservative journalist and author of Blacklisted By History, the definitive defense of anti-communist crusader Senator Joe McCarthy, has died, at the age of eighty.

The NYT's obit is pretty good: M. Stanton Evans, Who Helped Shape Conservative Movement, Is Dead at 80, By Adam Clymer, March 3, 2015.

In his 2010 ISI Dinner Keynote “Richard Weaver and the Brotherhood of the Book”,  a very funny speech, [MP3] Evans described the phone call he got from Clymer explaining that he was preparing it—they get these things together long in advance.

I didn't know him personally, but was a great admirer of his work. He will be greatly missed.

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