In London, Aussie Ex-PM Tony Abbott Warns Europe Against "Misguided Altruism"
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Visiting London,  Tony Abbott, who was recently ousted at Australian Prime Minister, had some advice for Europe.

Tony Abbott, the former prime minister of Australia, used his first major speech since his ouster last month to denounce Europe’s migration policies, warning in London that the continent risked “fundamentally weakening itself” through “misguided altruism” as large numbers of asylum seekers arrive. Tony Abbott, Ousted Australian Leader, Urges Europe to Take a Hard Line on Migrants, By Austin Ramzy, New York Times, Oct. 28, 2015

That's a useful expression—"misguided altruism".

“All countries that say ‘anyone who gets here can stay here’ are now in peril, given the scale of the population movements that are starting to be seen,” Mr. Abbott, a conservative, said  on Tuesday [the 27th] during a lecture honoring the British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Exactly, "the scale of the population movements".   It's not just a trickle.

Mr. Abbott backed an aggressive policy on migration during his two years in office. The Australian authorities turned away boats and refused to accept asylum seekers intercepted at sea, instead sending them to offshore camps. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who replaced Mr. Abbott in September in a party coup, has announced no change to those policies.

That's good that the Australian leadership change is not now changing the plicy   Australia has a much saner policy than the United States, the United Kingdom or the European Union.

Mr. Abbott recommended the same approach for Europe. “This means turning boats around, for people coming by sea,” he said. “It means denying entry at the border, for people with no legal right to come. And it means establishing camps for people who currently have nowhere to go.”

European navies ought to be protecting Europe on the Mediterranean, and if necessary, carve off a section of Libya and return people there.

Such a tough policy would “gnaw at our consciences, yet it is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever,” he said.

I wish he hadn't said that about "gnawing at consciences". It shouldn't gnaw at our consciences if we're doing the right thing.

As Geert Wilders has pointed out Middle Eastern refugees (that is, true refugees) should be dealt with in the Middle East.

Anyway, kudos to Tony Abbott for speaking out in London.

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