In Europe, Pressure Builds, Pols Respond: Why Not Here?
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The BBC today reports:

Five major European countries have agreed to organise joint flights to deport illegal immigrants from the EU...the proposal to operate joint repatriation flights had been put forward by Spanish Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso.

The aircraft would tour the five nations to pick up illegal immigrants of the same nationality, then return them to their country of origin


The UK newspaper The Guardian amplifies

The scheme will effectively set up a discrete charter airline, already dubbed "migrant-air", that will cut the cost of deportations and reduce the need to send those being deported back home on commercial airlines
[Alan Travis July 6 2005]

and goes into some detail as to the logistical problems posed by unruly and dangerous deportees.

While hardened politician-watchers will suspect an element of grandstanding, the fact remains that these elected officials are committing themselves to doing something - public discontent is having an effect.

Why not a Federal airlift to solve the "Other -than- Mexican" problem? The numbers warrant it. What better use for those C-130s? The USMC would make wonderful cabin attendants. Is controlling Iraq really more important?

Hat Tip Modern Tribalist

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