In Distant Kabul, Merkel Youth Gather for the Hegira
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From the New York Times:

KABUL, Afghanistan — The winding road to Germany starts on the outskirts of Kabul, at the Ahmad Shah Baba bus depot.

This is where some of the youngest and poorest Afghans hoping to migrate to Europe gather each day to leave. If they carry a backpack at all, it is usually slack, with little inside. Some have begun hearing that there is one country eager to have them.

Yeah, but Ms. Merkel’s humanitarian spasm garnered a lot of Facebook Likes, so there’s that. Who knew that a mess of Afghans would take it seriously? Aren’t we yet living in a virtual world where there are no actual consequences to our gestures of moral superiority?
“I am trying to go to Germany,” Abdul Javed, 16, said after buying a bus ticket. “Hopefully I will pass this test and get there.” …

The ticket agent, Rahmatullah, says he does not have a bus headed all the way to Munich. But the equivalent of $14.50 secures a seat on the first leg of the journey, to Nimruz, a desolate province along Afghanistan’s border with Iran.

Until last year most of the teenagers headed toward Nimruz wanted to go no farther than Iran, to seek work as laborers. But these days, the province is better known as the first stop on the path to Europe.

Merkie, you’re doing a heckuva job!

I wonder what the J.D. Power Ratings of the number of flaws in new Mercedes and BMWs are going to be in a decade? That’s assuming the Merkeljugend ever put down the X-Box controls, get off their welfare-subsidized couches, and get factory jobs.

Which is a big If.

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