In Brookfield, CT, Normal Boys Smash Legally Required Tampon Dispenser In Men’s Room
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Here’s a story about a high school in Brookfield, CT.

Quick rundown on Brookfield. It’s a modestly prosperous little place fifty-odd miles north of New York City, population seventeen and a half thousand, eighty-six percent white, median household income $133,950.

So what’s going on at the high school? What’s going on is, that on January 24th a tampon dispenser was installed in one of the school restrooms. Then, within about 20 minutes of its installation, the dispenser was vandalized and destroyed [Damaged tampon dispenser at Brookfield school won’t be replaced yet as advocates call for ‘empathy, by Sandra Diamond Fox,, April 5, 2024].

Who would do such a mean thing? Oh, wait: I forgot to tell you that the tampon dispenser was installed in a boys’ restroom.

This was in compliance with a Connecticut state law passed in 2020, State Bill 140, title: An Act Requiring Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Middle and High School Student Bathrooms.

The Bill became an Act and will be law as of September 1st this year. It requires public school districts to, quote, ”provide free menstrual products … in women’s restrooms, all-gender restrooms and at least one men’s restroom … accessible to students in grades 3 to 12 … and in a manner that does not stigmatize any student seeking such products,” end quote.

What’s the point of it? Here’s an explanation from Connecticut State Senator Saud Anwar, a supporter of the bill. Quote:

The laws are written for the majority but should also always include individuals who are not in the majority. As lawmakers, we have to be intentional about inclusivity.

I note that Mr. Anwar, as well as being a State Senator, is also a medical doctor. I wonder if he trained at UCLA Medical School?

Whether he did or not, he must have learned the art of oratory from the same place Kamala Harris learned it. ”Intentional about inclusivity”? Ri-i-ight.

I am glad, at least, that the teenage boys of Brookfield, CT still have enough spunk in them to smash up the stupid dispenser. I hope they do the same to its replacement. Not all our young men are emasculated.

It is those Connecticut lads’ misfortune to live in a nation now governed by critters like State Senator Anwar … who, I am sure, agrees with Lou Grant in everyone’s favorite clip from The Mary Tyler Moore Show: [Clip, Ed Asner:  ”I HATE spunk.”].

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