Illegals on the Northern Border—British Invasion or More Muslims Moving In?
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Let's not forget illegal aliens coming in across our northern border. Last Sunday the U.S. Border Patrol reported nine illegals from the U.K. getting caught attempting to enter from Canada into Vermont. A British Invasion!

Their attempt was particularly dumb. A landowner's fence and gate were in their way at or near the border, so they just drove their vehicle right at it and were caught there by wrecked fence and stalled vehicle.

In a post on X, Border Patrol described the invaders carefully as "United Kingdom nationals." The comment thread to that post was, however, full of skepticism that the attempted perpetrators of this latest British Invasion had surnames anything like Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, or Starkey.

I don't know. Sure, there are plenty of disgruntled Mohammeds and Abduls in Britain with relatives in Canada who might have finagled an air ticket for them. There are plenty of legacy white Brits likewise, though, seriously disgruntled at the takeover of their country by Third Worlders.

The strongest reason for thinking these invaders are non-white is the absence of any mugshots from the press coverage. Just as in cases of interracial violence: "If they were white, we would have been told."

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