In 71 Percent White King County, Washington (Home To Seattle), Almost All Firearm Violence In 2020 Is Committed By Non-Whites
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Imagine living in Seattle, Washington. You are a citizen of King County (renamed to “honor” Martin Luther King Jr. in 1986, because William Rufus DeVane King—who it was originally named after—was a slave owner). It’s a 71 percent white county.

The 2020 King County Firearm Violence report, published by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office—Crime Strategies Unit, was released.

It matter-of-factly states:

  • 76 percent of the shooting victims are non-white (55.19 percent being black)
  • 80 percent of those charged were non-white (53.85 percent being black)


King County is roughly six percent black.

Whites, who represent the vast majority of the citizens of Seattle and King County, are a peaceful, docile people. Gun crime in Seattle and King County has a color, and racially speaking, it isn’t white.

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