Importing Anti-Semitic Muslim Immigrants: Borough Park Hits Jackpot With Green Card Lottery
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Indonesian immigrant Michael Setiawan, an ex-NYPD patrolman, apparently had a bit of a breakdown and went on a spray-painting spree in Borough Park, a heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Ex-NYPD cop 'caught on video spraying anti-Semitic graffiti in Brooklyn',  Mail Online, May 5, 2014

It's not clear what motivated Setiawan specifically, though Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world.

Kevin MacDonald might note that Jews, when tey find themselves victims of Muslim anti-Semitism in the United States, have done a bit of intra-ethnic foot-shooting, given their role in promoting open immigration.

What  is clear that nobody thought through what, exactly, justified Setiawan's becoming an American.  Hence the term "lottery".  Here, the big loser was "America", if anyone cares about that thing anymore.


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