Impeachment In Missouri And Elsewhere: A Good Sign
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Impeachment In Missouri And Elsewhere: A Good Sign

Efforts are underway to impeach Democratic Governor Jay Nixon (above) for defying the will of the people over gay marriage and a couple of other issues:

Missouri Republicans Advance Effort To Impeach Governor Jay Nixon

The Missouri House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings Wednesday on three articles of impeachment proposed by House Republicans against Gov. Jay Nixon (D).

State Rep. Nick Marshall (R) is attempting to impeach Nixon for a November 2013 executive order that required the Missouri Department of Revenue to accept joint federal income tax returns from same-sex couples who were married legally in other states. Marshall argues that the governor's action violates the state constitution’s 2004 amendment that banned same-sex unions.

One of seven Republican co-sponsors of Marshall’s measure, state Rep. Mike Moon, filed a separate article seeking to remove the governor for not filling vacant legislative seats quickly enough. [More]

My position is that more politicians should be impeached—to help keep them honest. This includes the current President, and the previous president, Mr. Bush.

The President before him (Mr. Clinton)  actually was impeached, although not, by a combination of Democratic party loyalty and Republican cowardice,  removed from office.

The National Organization for Marriage, which fights politicians who want to surrender on gay marriage (which rarely succeeds with actual voters) wanted to impeach the Virginia Attorney General over the same kind of behavior. [National Organization for Marriage Calls for Impeachment of Virginia's Attorney General for Malfeasance and Neglect of Duty, Abandoning His Oath of Office and Betraying the People of Virginia, January 23, 2014]

Judicial impeachment also enjoyed a brief moment of MSM/elite popularity when the Supreme Court was considering the constitutionality of Obamacare. (Peter Brimelow has been suggesting it since 1981.)

Impeach early and often, I say.

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