Immigration, Voter Fraud, And American Democracy
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Earlier: Shocker: Pakistani Immigrant Charged In Vote Fraud Scheme After Arrest For Illegal Gambling, Money Laundering, And Other Crimes

I’m sure that everyone crossing the border right now is a sweet little saint and would never dream of committing a crime in America, except of course the crime of entering illegally. Don’t worry, Mayorkas is taking care of that little hurdle by paroling everyone in, so, on paper, no one is entering illegally. See! They are all being paroled!

We all know that the Democrats want the bodies so that they can get the votes. However, in theory, they won’t be able to vote till they naturalize as U.S. citizens and that takes five years after you receive your green card.

I once talked to an employee of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services out of New Jersey. He told me that when he was doing background checks on applicants trying to adjust their status from a LAPR (Lawfully Approved for Permanent Residency—pronounced ”lapper”) to U.S. citizen, he would find many who had already been registered to vote. He went to his supervisor and showed him what he had found and the supervisor asked, ”Have they been convicted of voter fraud?”

Well, no.

”Have you any proof that they actually voted other than that they were on the voter rolls?” Well, no.

”I’m afraid we can’t do anything about it then, let them have their papers.”

A friend of mine once found where a Jamaican woman had voted illegally in an election. He joked that she must have voted for Obama not because she was black, but on the form where it asked if you were a registered as a Democrat, Republican or Other, she checked the box ”Other” and wrote in ”Obama Party.” That’s a clue.

The federal Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) told him to take it to the local District Attorney since it was not a federal matter. He did and the local (Democratic) District Attorney told him, ”We don’t take those cases.” How many more cases like that are there happening out there?

However, resident aliens have been voting in elections. Here is one incident in North Carolina, and I’m willing to bet that they only went after the ones they knew they could prove beyond a doubt had voted [19 aliens charged with voter fraud in North Carolina following ICE investigation,, September 3, 2020].

There were likely others who either slipped through the cracks, or had moved out of town by the time they went looking for them.

Not to cast doubt on the integrity of our sacred elections, but there is voter fraud in every election and we all know it. The Heritage Foundation keeps a record of it.

Sharyl Attkisson has documented some of the fraud in her most recent Full Measure program:

A lot of those fraudsters that Full Measure documented operated in heavily Hispanic areas near the border. It might not even be recent immigrants who did the fraud, but people who come from a culture where corruption is the norm.

According to my friends, former Mayor of Edinburg, Texas Richard Molina was guilty as could be of voter fraud. He was acquitted by a “Hidalgo County jury,” but what does that mean in heavily Democratic and 92 percent Hispanic area?

I’m told the whole reason he was even elected in the first place was because he threw the best ”pachangas” (barbecues) around.

Then, there’s the Somalis up in Minnesota. Project Veritas exposed the ballot harvesting scheme for money. I don’t believe our corrupt FBI ever even went after the blatant cash for ballots scheme.

Cultures like the Somalis with no history of Democracy are not going to culturally enrich the United States, as this recent incident shows.

(Notice that YouTube turned off the comments on this one. I wonder why.)


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