"Immigration Sparks British Baby Boom"—No, Sparks FOREIGN Baby Boom IN Britain
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The babies in the stock photo above look like British babies, the demographic reality is something else.

This is from the Daily Mail, normally the source of politically incorrect news hard to find in America, but this time they have one wrong:

Soaring immigration sparks British baby boom as London becomes the birth-rate capital of Europe
  • Number of babies being born in the EU has dropped since the financial crash
  • But the UK has bucked the trend, with soaring birth rates in London
  • British women are having two babies each on average - more than rest of EU
By Tom McTague, Deputy Political Editor for MailOnline

Published: 11:14 GMT, 7 October 2014 | Updated: 15:01 GMT, 7 October 2014

Soaring immigration has sparked a baby boom in Britain outstripping almost every other country in Europe, official figures have revealed.

Across the EU, the number of babies being born has dropped since the financial crash – sparking falls in population in some countries.

But the UK has bucked the trend, with soaring birth rates in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds contributing to a boom in the number babies being born.[More]

Of course, if this is sparked by immigration, then the babies aren't British—they're foreign babies born in Britain.  British is an ethnic label—you can be an American, up to a point, by being born in America, but you don't become a Briton by being born in Britain any more than Liv Ullmann became Japanese by being born in Tokyo.(Her father was working in Japan.)

The cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are already heavily Muslim. Mark Steyn wrote recently that

The Daily Mail reported that Birmingham, England (where I chanced to be recently, and where Cameron's Tories have just wrapped up their party conference) now has more Muslim than Christian children. That means that, absent any countervailing dynamic, its future is Muslim. This is not a small thing: Birmingham is Britain's second city, and, in a democratic age, its structures will reflect its people. The constabulary, the school system, the hospitals will have a de facto sharia-compliant character. If you're a Muslim girl, the authorities will systematically turn a blind eye to forced marriages and honor violence, and, if you're a lower-class infidel girl, to "grooming".[Belated Alarums,  October 2, 2014]

The babies being born in Birmingham (in the West Midlands, 2.09 babies per women ) are not Britons.

I've written on this earlier, most recently in Do Muslim Decapitaters Glory In The Name Of Briton?, but see also

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