Immigration’s Contribution To Swedish Schools: Academic Slump And Sexual Harassment
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Breitbart London’s Chris Thomson has been on a roll. On Wednesday he posted Half of Migrant Children Who Arrive in Sweden After Age Seven Fail School Year at Age 16 31 May 2017 and yesterday followed up with Journo Claims Widespread Sexual Assault by Migrants in Swedish Schools 2 Jun 2017

The first article reads like an analysis of any American school district after an influx of Third World immigrants and Blacks:

In 1998, around 70 per cent of migrant children passed grade nine – the last mandatory year of “secondary school… That number has gone down to only 50 per cent in 2014, according to Sweden’s Teacher’s Union paper Lärarnas Tidning

The authors of the study also say there are performance differences based on the geographical origin of the children, with African migrants performing the worst.

Surprise surprise!
The large influx of migrant children has also been seen as one of the reasons that Sweden has fallen in the international PISA scores which rank school systems in various countries. Of 34 countries surveyed, Sweden has dropped to 28th in mathematics, 27th in reading, and 27th in science.
The second article reads how many American school districts will be if the influx of Africans and Muslims is not stopped:
Independent Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte has claimed sexual abuse from newly arrived migrants is not only prevalent in schools but that victims are accused of being racist if they speak out.

Mr. Lamotte, who formerly worked as a journalist at Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT, has posted a video on his Facebook page describing a wave of sexual assaults committed by “newcomer” asylum seekers...

“Young girls tell me they are sexually harassed by newcomer guys both at school and outside of school. They say they do not feel safe in the school corridors. They say they have stopped going home by themselves after school. They say they do not take the bus either.”

“They are called racists when they talk about their reality and what they face” from the staff at the schools, he said.

As the Rotherham scandal in the U.K. proved, PC officialdom can be quite ruthless in silencing victims. And Free Speech is long gone in Sweden

Earlier this year President Trump elicited widespread hysteria by mentioning the problems caused by immigrants in Sweden upon which I commented in Trump Right (Of Course) About Swedish Rape. We had formerly discussed the issue in ZEROHEDGE/GATESTONE On Sweden’s Summer “Refugee” Sexual Assault Disaster and Sweden’s Gender-Inclusive Muslim Rapists in which John Derbyshire observed:

As bad as you thought Sweden’s Muslim rape problem is, it’s worse...

"Stockholm opened what is believed to be the world’s first rape clinic for men."

Very sad. But the question for most readers is what can be done to stop this happening here?

Sweden’s problem stems from the county’s suicidal Asylum program.

America should terminate the import of 3rd World “refugees”.

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