Immigration Reform Not Looking Good In The Senate!
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As many of you are undoubtedly aware, the Senate Judiciary Committee went to work on immigration reform last week.

Senator Arlen Specter filed an absolutely heinous, not to mention terrifying (think Anna Nicole Smith before the drugs and surgery) 305-page bill that can be summed up in one word: AMNESTY

From criminalizing illegal immigration to what to do with the 12 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S., the Senate panel disagreed on just about everything...except for two rather interesting amendments:

1. The new legislation would require all illegal aliens caught from countries other than Mexico to be detained and deported immediately. Hmm...what's so special about Mexicans? I smell a racial discrimination lawsuit in the making...and for once, the plantiff would be right.

2. The new legislation would make habitual drunk driving an offense for which an illegal alien can be deported. First of all, "habitual" drunk driving? Habitual? What? They need to harm multiple people before they are considered a menace to society???

Even then, the language says "can be deported" not "shall be deported" which means the "habitual" drunk driving illegal alien is pretty much here to stay.

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