Immigration Reform: It's done this way...
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Steve Sailer’s likely all-too prescient essay this evening on the future role of Asian workers in the aftermath of the Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill becoming law refers to the interesting case of Thai workers being used in Washington State’s Yakima Valley orchards. has blogged on this rich item before.

Not only does it involve our old friends and RICO miscreants Zirkle Fruit, but it also illuminates the methods and style of an American gang mastering outfit, Global Horizons Inc

Lead by Mordecai “Motty” Orian, who apparently got his start importing Asians into his native Israel (not all importees remember him fondly it seems) Global has become active undercutting agricultural wages in a number of different states and industries.

Currently Global, which lost its license to operate in Washington for what the state Department of Labor and Industries called a "significant pattern of failing to comply with even the most basic of Washington state laws." is engaged in an ingenious maneuver to get it back: a kind of Hitler-Stalin Pact with the United Farm Workers Union: Union, contractor have a deal – now what? By Leah Beth Ward Yakima Herald Republic April 30 2006. (An important part of the deal is Orian’s promise to recruit in Mexico rather than Asia.)

But a more general insight into America’s 2006 Immigration Legislation problem comes from the story’s last sentence:

Orian, an Israeli citizen who last year gave $15,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee...

Backed up by these pictures.

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