Immigration Headlines [5 ITEMS!]—Illegals And Rotten Boroughs, Mayorkas Impeachment, And A Female Mexican Assassin, Etc.
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In case you missed it.

Trump had made an Executive Order to override the Supreme Court so that illegal aliens would not be counted in the census. Of course, Biden reversed that as soon as he took over. So, as the first article on top points out, even if they cannot vote, illegal aliens will be helping out Democrats merely by being here. has been calling this Immigration’s Rotten Borough Effect for almost 25 years. In parts of Los Angeles, there are so many non-citizens that a tiny number of Hispanic citizens control the House seat, and more recently, N.Y. Congresswoman Yvette D. Clark was caught on video saying she needs illegals in her district ”just for redistricting purposes.” 

 In a rare bit of good news, the New York appellate court struck down a law that would have allowed 800,000 non-citizens to vote in municipal elections. It often appears that non-citizens get more rights than citizens. Let’s face it, the only reason to give non-citizens the right to vote is because it would help out Democrats more than Republicans and we all know it.

Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to have a trial of Mayorkas occur in the Senate. Dear God, people might get the impression that the Cuban dwarf is trying to keep the border open intentionally! We can’t have that in an election cycle. Fortunately for the Dems, there’s Mitch McConnell hoping to help them out with a win, in spite of the National Republican Senatorial Committee supporting it.

Zoom in: Democrats could move to dismiss the impeachment articles, which would only take a majority vote. The idea of a quick dismissal has alarmed some Republicans.

  • A group of Republicans this week wrote to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), saying a move to dismiss the impeachment articles would be ”an action rarely contemplated and never taken by the U.S. Senate.”
  • Schumer’s office said last week that the impeachment articles would be presented to the Senate when it returns next week, but plans for a full trial have not been revealed.

The bottom line: The Democratic-controlled Senate is almost certain to not vote to convict Mayorkas.

 Mayorkas will never be convicted in the Senate, the point is showing the dimwitted American public that the open border is being done intentionally by the Biden Administration. Only a fool could possibly believe otherwise, but then, remember that the average intelligence in America is average.

Border Hawk News is a go to site for all about the invasion of the U.S. Here on OAN Network, Dan Lyman is interviewed by Alison Steinberg.

He goes over some of the benefits we get from unfettered immigration:

  • Illegals being dumped in communities across U.S.
  • Governments asking (for now) citizens to house illegals
  • Free hotels, food, health care, and money for illegals
  • Illegals buying late-model cars shortly after arriving in U.S.
  • The ‘Smart Wall’ to ’15 Minute Cities’ pipeline


Everyone now seems to know about nursing student Laken Riley and her murder at the hands of an illegal alien. The suspect there is Venezuelan. Not to be outdone, Mexico has sent us Michelle Angelica Pineda-Valdez, “La Chely,” a female assassin.

Pineda reportedly had crossed the border illegally to evade prosecution in Mexico in connection to three murders and suspicions of being involved in more than other 20 homicides.

With our open border, how many other murderers are fleeing their homes for a safe haven in the U.S.?

It’s not like we can check the criminal databases of Guatemala, or Zimbabwe. When you hear that an illegal alien has a criminal history, that almost always means they were arrested here in the U.S. previously.

For more on the world sending us their very best, check out Illegal Alien Crime Report.

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