Immigration Debate Update: Senator Sessions, A Lone Voice Of Reason
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Senator Sessions (R-Alabama) made an excellent point by asking one, simple question:

"Has anybody asked America if this is what they want? This bill has major flaws and they are going to be even madder at us when they see it."

I have no idea what Senator Sessions would do with immigration given his druthers but one thing is for certain—he is the only member of the Senate who has bothered to acknowledge that another group of people exist in this nation: Americans

So far, our illustrious leaders have taken the floor one after another to register their concern for and pledge their devotion to illegal immigrants—not one of them has bothered to acknowledge that these people are not their constituents, we are.

They should not concern themselves with the petulant demands of foreign nationals—they should be doing the work of the American people.

My next project for Blog is the best and worst list of the U.S. Senate...let me just say, I'm having a lot of fun compiling it!

Spoiler Note: Senator Sessions is on the "best" list. (Email him)

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