Immigration Debate Update: Cornyn's Valiant Effort Goes Down In Flames
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Senator Cornyn (R-TX) introduced an amendment that would prevent those applying for temporary guest worker visas from becoming what are essentially, permanent residents...or even citizens.

(Those who wish to become permanent residents or citizens can voluntarily leave the country and apply for these visas from their home country...also known as, the way everybody else has to do it.)

His argument is that the bill as written is flawed because one can apply for guest worker visas ad infinitum. However you look at at, that's not "temporary" that's indefinite residency.

Needless to say, a vote to table the motion (kill the amendment) took place.

Votes: YEA 55 Nay 32

Weak, selfish imbeciles...your United States Congress working for you!

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