Immigration Debate Update: Senator Reid And The Mad, Mad Metaphor
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Coming soon to a theatre near you...Immigration Reform: The Sequel by Senator Harry Reid

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Navada) needs to look at his budget and make room for a speech writer—or better yet, just a garden-variety advisor who's sole function is to remind the Senator (on a daily if not hourly basis) to not be stupid!


He began his floor remarks this afternoon by mentioning the upcoming "blockbuster movie" the Da Vinci Code...he also managed to sneak in a plug that it opens this Friday nationwide. Desperately trying to figure out what The Code has to do with immigration reform, Senator Reid suddenly mentioned something he called

"The Senate's own summer blockbuster—Immigration Reform, The Sequel"

Ohhh! I think it's a metaphor...oh wait, maybe not.

Oh yeah, he babbled on about "scenes" and "parts"..."roles" and "release dates."

This is my best guess translation of the Minority Leader's opening...umm...remarks:

Once again, the Senate is taking up the issue of immigration reform and I would like to take the opportunity to state—for the record—that I oppose the War in Iraq, I disagree with the President's national address scheduled for later this evening, I think we need to give immediate citizenship to anybody who wants it and I will not be here Friday because I am going to see the Da Vinci Code.

Thank God...he's done speaking. Oh wait a minute...Senator Specter is taking his place—and I didn't think it could get worse.

Quick—get Reid back!

[Email Senator Reid here. Luckily, the forms are available en espanol.]

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